Blue’s Clues Birthday Cake + S’mores on a Stick

My niece Charlotte turned 4 this month, and ever since her little brother’s birthday back in April, she’s been telling me she wants a Blue’s Clues Cake! The funniest part is that when I asked Joel what flavour of cake she wanted, her response was: chocolate caramel crunch cake. How does a 4 year old even know what that is? I don’t even know! Then a few hours later she changed her mind to a lemon blueberry cake, and a few hours after that, vanilla cake with chocolate chips!

We finally settled on a vanilla cake with mini M&Ms mixed in. A bit of googling and a text to Danielle revealed that if I tossed the M&Ms in a bit of flour before folding them into the batter, they wouldn’t sink. This sort of worked, but most of them did sink to the bottom.

So like the school bus, and the bowling pin, I traced my 9×13 cake pan onto a piece of paper. Then I opened google images to Blue’s Clues, and used my (limited) drawing ability to copy an outline of Blue onto the paper. When I was happy with what I had (and my counter was covered with little eraser bits), I cut out the shape, placed it on to the cold cake, and carved it out. I needed Blue to be a little bit longer, so about half of his ear on the right is carved out of scraps from the other areas. By the time you get the icing on, no one will know the difference!

I tinted all my icing light blue, crumb coated the whole thing, and stuck it in the fridge for an hour to glue on the crumbs. Then I added a thick layer of light blue frosting, and placed marshmallows and brown smarties on for the eyes. I added more blue gel colouring, filled a piping bag with a tiny round tip, and added on the nose and spots. I filled them in with messy rows of icing, then spread it out with a little craft paintbrush (don’t worry, they are reserved for kitchen use only). Finally Blue’s tongue was a little bit of strawberry jam, because I forgot to save a bit of icing to tint pink.

Charlotte was super excited and she loved her cake! Since I had a whole bag of marshmallows left over from the eyes (too bad you can’t by two marshmallows in the bulk bin like I did with the Smarties!) I decided to pop a stick in them, dip them in milk chocolate and then graham cracker crumbs like I saw on Babble. They were a hit!

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1 Response to Blue’s Clues Birthday Cake + S’mores on a Stick

  1. great cake and the smore pops look awesome!

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