Gastropost Missions

My high straightenence brain decided I needed a page to keep track of all the Gastropost Missions I’ve completed. So here it is! Links to the original mission are included, as well as links to my blog posts…since sometimes I have a bit more to say than the sentence or two that ends up in the paper :)

You can see PDFs of all the spreads from the National Post here!

Mission #43: You Are What You Eat

Mission #42: Crank up the Heat

Mission #41: Noodle Caboodle

Mission #40: Bacon vs. Everything Else

Mission #37: Contemplating Condiments

Mission #36: One Pot, One World

Mission #34: Pomegranate vs. Cranberry

Mission #33: New Year, New Menu

Mission #32: Winter Spice

Mission #31: The Gift of Food

Mission #30: Holiday Treats

Mission #29: The Perfect Potato

  • Homemade chili cheese fries: one of my favourite ways to violate the wholesome, humble potato. (Nice chili recipe here).

Chili Cheese Fries

Mission #27: Coffee vs. Tea

Mission #26: Get Comfortable

Mission #25: G is for Cookie

Mission #23: (Not) Guilty Pleasures

  • All cookie dough everything, all day, everyday. (No picture)

Mission #20: Feast

  • Turkey dinner is my favourite meal of all time! This year I made some Honey Yeast Rolls to go along with it.

Mission #19: Apples to Apples

  • These Apple Toffee Blondies might not be the cutest choice, you can’t judge a book treat by it’s cover.

Mission #14: Basil vs. Mint

  • Team Mint! I made Fresh Cherry Mojitos. I didn’t actually love the way they turned out, but the picture is cute, so here it is:

Fresh Cherry Mojito

Mission #13: Food on a Stick

Mission#11: Toronto Taco Takeover

Mission #10: Patio City

Mission #9: Summer Tastes Revisited

Mission #8: Gonna Eat A Lot of Peaches

  • Two birds. One stone. I made the Peach Cobbler Muffins from the Joy the Baker Cookbook. Gastropost Mission #8 accomplished, while simultaneously knocking off #38 from our Joy the Baker Cookbook Project.

Mission #6: Eat Like a Canadian