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Baked Sunday Mornings: Chocolate Peanut Butter Fondue

Three ingredients + one bowl + a fully functioning set of tastebuds = Baked Sunday Morning success! I think the fun thing about this week will be seeing what my BSM friends select as their dippers of choice for this … Continue reading

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Peach Hand Pies

  Guess what? I finally finished making everything on my Summer Baking To-Do List! What’s that you say? The list is from 2010? Better late than never! Peach Hand Pies are essentially summer wrapped up into one neat little tidy … Continue reading

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Peach Margaritas

Here’s a little peek into my favourite spot to spend a sunny summer afternoon. I love hanging out by the pool in my parents’ backyard and all I need is a fun summer book, a thick application of sunscreen and sometimes … Continue reading

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Corn & Basil Tart

Attention, attention! Friends, you need to prepare yourselves. There was an extra special visitor here at Planet Byn last week! The very person who introduced me to food blogs – who unknowingly set this whole world in motion – came for a visit! That’s right, … Continue reading

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Sweet & Spicy Green Beans

Wow, look, a vegetable! After Farewell Treat week, then Rhubarb week, I’m sure you were wondering (probably not!) what I’ve been eating for dinner. The answer is: nothing too exciting. With my new job, I’m getting home a little later, … Continue reading

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